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SKO Brenner American implements what it believes to be the best strategic plans when approaching your revenue cycle and production needs. SKO utilizes advanced technologies to support well trained collections professionals, which allows us to meet client work standards and liquidation objectives.

SKO is dedicated to providing clients with cost effective recovery and performance at each level of production, without sacrificing attention to risk and compliance.

Successful and effective work strategies include:   

  • Superior Training and Client Orientation
  • Adherence to and/or Development of Client-Specific Work Strategies
  • Advanced Technologies to Streamline Production
  • Collections Scoring to Establish Valuable Account Prioritization
  • Leadership Involvement with Workflow Processes and the Implementation of Advanced Liquidation Strategies
  • Regulatory Compliant
  • Customer Retention, Billing Resolution & Debt Collections
    Our streamlined approach allows us to process large volumes of first and third-party account placements to best serve your needs and when combined with an experienced management team, advanced technology, creative and highly trained and motivated employees, SKO Brenner American is able to create strategies that exceed your liquidation expectations, while remaining mindful of customer retention and regulatory requirements. Full Service Support
    All recovery efforts provide consumers with several ways in which they can resolve their outstanding obligation. Whether by mail, telephone or by using our web-based payment portal, our associates strongly encourage customers and debtors to resolve their obligations in a forward thinking and productive manner.

    All invoicing and written communications include a return envelope, a toll free number to contact our customer service center where they are able to speak with a live operator for resolution assistance.

    All contact is pointed at SKO, which reduces your involvement. Remittances can be directed to your organization or to our merchant account for processing, remittance and reporting.

    Medical Receivables
    Whether your organization is a group practice, hospital or laboratory, recovery of delinquent accounts without damaging your relationship with patients, or reducing your profit margin is critical to the wellness of your healthcare business.

    SKO can assist you with reducing write-offs and decreasing slow pays while minimizing patient complaints.

    Our core competencies provide HIPPA compliant, cost effective, direct contact with patients to resolve outstanding obligations.

    Contact SKO’s to discuss your billing and collections challenges and what best in class recovery solutions are available.

    Client Services
    SKO’s Client Services Group acts as a liaison between internal operations and its client base.

    As the primary point of contact, Client Services will facilitate and resolve any operating issues that may require intervention.

    SKO Brenner American prides itself with providing the best in class response and resolution turnaround for all client related matters.



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